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Reactive Dog's Are Good Dog's Too - HOODIE

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Reactive Dog's Are Good Dog's Too

To all those proud reactive dog guardians out there. This was designed with you in mind! 

We all know to well that it means we need to open our hearts regardless of the journey ahead. Loving a reactive dog means we get to have this unbelievable bond with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as us, but who may as well be able to read our mind, and us theirs!

A promise we will always strive to keep them safe and loved not matter what and regardless of their "imperfections" according to society.

Inspired by my reactive boy Jeffrey because he loves me regardless of all my flaws and I am proud to tell the world that I do his.

This amazing design was created by MadMutt.DesignCo and it was an absolute privlidge to be able to collaborate with them for this.  
This product is made on demand. 
All our items are made to order and does take additional time to process.