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Charlie Snookie Cushioned Calming Hooded Bed

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Perfectly Shaped to Curl Up and Sleep Corncob Design Plush Cover - Extra Padded Thickness Anti-Slip - Eden Green Small 

Brand: Charlie's Store

Size: S/M/L 

Color: Eden Green


  • SUPERIOR COMFORT AND SUPPORT Charlie’s OG Snookie bed features a soft plush surface and filled with pillowy soft padding. With raised walls, it provides extra head and neck support for your floofs for the perfect nights rest.
  • EXTRA WARM AND SNUG The soft blanket-like hood design combined with the fluffy plush material keeps your pets warm and snug during those chilly months.
  • CALMING, ANTI-ANXIETY EFFECT Charlie’s OG Snookie bed curved design and fluffy plush surface helps to ease your pet’s stress while providing them with a cosy spot to snooze.
  • ANTI-SLIP AND TRAVEL-READY Our pet bed’s anti-slip base balances the lightweight materials, making it stable & portable anywhere you put it - – wood, tile, concrete or carpet or even in the car for roadtrips or holidays!
  • EASY CARE Can be handwashed, but also machine washable for a quick and simple cleanup. If you choose to tumble dry, ensure this is done on a low heat setting.


Calling all hyper hounds and murder mittens, get your paws on our Charlie’s OG Snookie Bed, the best hooded anti-anxiety pet bed for calming your farm. Our corncob fabric outer cover and inner plush material are super soft and fluffy, with extra padded thickness for ultimate comfort. The corncob fabric design has a proven calming effect, helping your floofs relax and rest easy. The round design and raised walls to allow your pets to curl up and feel secure enough to relax while providing neck and back support for those who love to stretch out. The soft blanket-like hood is attached so that your floof can tuck itself in to help keep warm and toasty for those chilly winter months. For cats, the hood is an extra place to play hide-and-seek. Our pet bed’s anti-slip base makes it stable wherever you place it, sofa, bed, floor or even in the car for road trips! If your pet is an anxious traveller – our pet bed is made of lightweight materials, making it easy to take with you. 

Charlie’s note - our products come vacuum packed so that you save on shipping! Just open them up, give them a bit of fluff and after 24 hours they’ll become their fluffiest self – ready for your doggo or feline overlord. *Please note that the hood does not stand upright, but rather acts as a blanket that keeps your pet warm. Also, the cover is not removable.

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Answer your customers' common questions

What training methods do you use?

Trail Sniffers follows the LIMA approach towards training. It stands for Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive.

Trail Sniffers believes that training is most effective when following science based and positive reinforcement methods.

Trail Sniffers strives for learner-centered, minimally stressful, and thoughtful training sessions with all species. We use gentle methods based on the most current science of dog training and behavior.

What training equiptment do you use?

Respect for dogs and their people, kindness, science, food, play, observation, humor, creativity, and a clicker/word markers "yes"

How quickly can you "fix" my dog or expect to see results?

Trail Sniffers job is not to "fix your dog and their behaviour. Our goal is to provide you with management stratergies, training knowledge and skills so that you feel confident in training and supporting your dog so that you both have a happy and sucsessful life together.

If your dog has been practicing an undesirable behavior for 2 years, do not expect the behaviour to change within 2 weeks. Often we can provide the information needed in our consultation to train the new behavior with no follow-up sessions, but practice is the key to success. Many behaviors will take multiple sessions. Expect the best outcome if you do the training too

What is a "Behavioural Consultation"?

Behavioural Consultations are designed to address undesirable behaviours rather than basic cues. Undesirable behaviours include barking, separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness and anxiety to name a few.

Will I always have to train with rewards?

Rewards are your dogs motivator. Think of it like it is a payment for a job well done. There are things everywhere in the enviroment that a puppy and adult dog will deem to be more interesting than we are. We need to give them a reason to want to check in with us or perform a behavior or cue.

Simply put - Would you work for free? Probably not, so why would your doig ?

FoodPraise/Play/ which ever your dog finds most rewarding - only your dog will know. Rewarads are a motivators for our dogs when training and since they won’t accept cash, find what they do accept.

Can you guarantee the training will stick?

If you are consistent, follow Trail Sniffers instructions and you are kind in training your dog, we guarantee you will see a change in behavior.