Snuffle Mats

No matter your dog’s age, breed, or size, all dogs have a natural desire to engage in enriching mental and physical activities. Leave them to their own devises and they’ll likely find self-chosen activities, potentially leading to destruction in your home. The snuffle mat can be used as an interactive work-to-eat dog toy that provides entertainment, enrichment, and mental stimulation for dogs as they search, sniff, and snuffle their way to find the hidden treats you place in advance.

Did you know that spending 15 minutes snuffling can be just as tiring as walking for an hour. The Snuffle Mat is a great way for your dog to release their energy through natural and self rewarding behaviours rather then going for multiple runs/walks a day. 

What are the benifits of Snuffling?
Boredom Busters: Dog's get bored and a bored dog will tend to get creative by making their own fun, which can lead to unwanted behaviours such as chewing and barking. Food is an incredible motivator to dogs, if you think about it dogs in the wild will spend most of their waking hours thinking about food and how to find it, whereas our indoor four legged friends get most of their food delivered at the same time, in the same bowl, in the same spot and it is genrally inhaled within seconds. By using a Snuffle Mat you can help to enrich your dogs life by encouraging natural behaviours such as sniffing, foraging and digging while making the meal last a whole lot longer.
Have you got a hoover dog?: If your dog tends to inhale their food you will already know some of the effects of speedy eating can have on your dog and they are not good. Feeding your dog by a Snuffle Mat is one of the ways you can help to slow down their eating. They have to dig, snuffle and work for their food instead of "hoovering". 
Outlet for the zoomies: Sometimes an overactive dog does not need more physical stimulation, they may be behaving this way as they are over tired and have pushed their threshold. Along with providing mental stimulation, the sniffing and foraging behaviours can help to produce happy hormones in your dog and the required focus for a Snuffle Mat gives your dog a way to decompress and release their energy in a calmer way.
Providing enrichment that can help deal with anxiety based behaviours: Snuffle mats and other food puzzle toys, can help when dealing with seperation anxiety in dogs. They provide a valuable distraction when you leave the house so that your dog isn’t focussed on you when you leave. They can also provide independent entertainment, helping your dog to relax and enjoy themselves even when you are not by their side. Please note: If your dog is already suffering from separation anxiety, you should talk to a dog behaviourist/trainer about appropriate steps to take alongside the snuffle mat, as it won’t be enough for extremely stressed dogs.
Stimulate the brain and help stave of Doggy Dementia: Doggy dementia (or ‘Canine Cognitive Dysfunction’/CCD) is unfortunately a common condition in older dogs. Just like us, dogs that  suffer with dementia become anxious in their later years. They can struggle to remember cues and cannot exercise like they used to. They may become forgetful day-to-day, too, and their sleep-wake cycle can change,leading to insomnia. It’s has been thouight that the onset of doggy dementia can be slowed down by encouraging  our dogs to continue using their brains even as they get older. Think of it as a Snuffle Mat works like a crossword puzzle by helping their aging brains stay active! 
(Bear aged 15 loved her daily snuffles)