Puppy School and Catch Up Class

Trail Sniffers offers two classes that covers puppies and dogs of all ages.
Puppy Starter Program : 8 weeks to 16 weeks
In this course you will learn:
- the basics of dog training and how to set you and your puppy up for a successful life together
- How to support your puppies growth into young adulthood
- Skills to prevent problems
- Toilet training basics
- How to entertain your puppy and provide them with an enriching and stimulating environment

Your puppy will learn:
- Basic cue's
- Leash skills
- How to settle and independant behaviours
- Polite, friendly greetings and calm introductions
- Socialisation training with different environments, objects and noises
- Socialisation training with different objects (vacuum cleaner, skate board, Wheelchair etc.)
Catch Up Program 16 weeks and older
In this course you will learn:
- Problem solving and training tools for problem behaviours such as jumping, barking and biting
- Leash handling skills
- Building your relationship and bond with your dog when out and about in distracting environments
- How to help encourage your dog to be independent

Your dog will learn:
- To rebuild and practise the foundation of basic skills
- To work on cues and recall when under distraction and when in different environments
- How to walk calmly on a leash when out and about
- How to settle and be calm around guest
- How to be independent in the house and spend time by themselves
    Class details :
    · Puppies and dogs can start anytime after they have had their second vaccination. This is due to class being held both inside and outside. ( This is for your puppies protection)
    · We require an emailed copy of your puppy/dog's vaccination certificate before any in-person activity.
    · The class is 4 lessons: 4 weeks in-person. The 4 in-person classes are one hour each week. More than 1 hour is too tiring for pups.
    · Family members are encouraged to attend. (Within health order guidelines and children must be older than 10 and supervised at all times by an adult.)
    · A great puppy class is invaluable for a well adjusted dog and will set both you and your puppy/dog up for success.
    · Get in touch today via my contact page for start dates!