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We have 3 great positive services for puppies that range from training courses for young pups to catch up classes for those older puppies who might need a hand with the basics and also providing assistance in setting up your home for your puppy.

Our 3 current services are:
- September Puppy Classes
- September Catch Up Classes
- Puppy Set Up Program
(Via Zoom or in-house)

Keep reading below for an in-depth run-down of what each service entails!


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  • Puppy Class September

Puppy Classes


The best time to start teaching your puppy is NOW. A puppy’s brain is very much like a sponge and is perfectly capable and ready to learn as soon as possible. Many unwanted behaviours can be prevented by early training!

Puppies will also learn with the help of our Positive Reinforcement Training to create a team with their guardians.

Trail Sniffers Puppy Class is a fun, family oriented 4 week course. The first 3 weeks are an ideal starting point for a happier life for you and your puppy and includes:

  • Socialisation with other dogs and bite inhibition
  • Socialisation with other humans
  • Allowing the puppy to be examined, touched and restricted
  • Basic Education like SIT, DOWN, COME etc.
  • Housetraining and how to troubleshoot puppy behaviours such as jumping, nipping, digging and biting. 

The final week is Graduation and will include more fun and games with your puppy.

How will the puppy (and family) benefit:

  • Development of a healthy character
  • Early education for all the dog’s life
  • Less behaviour problems
  • Extensive good socialisation helps prevent with anxiety and fear based behaviours
  • Tools for better communication with your dog
  • Catch Up Class September

Catch Up Class

Trail Sniffers Catch Up Classes are fun and interactive group dog training courses conducted by qualified dog trainer Camille. All classes are conducted using a reward-based (positive reinforcement) method to teach you and your dog lifelong skills. Our classes focus on teaching humans how to train and communicate with their dogs effectively.

This Class Is Perfect For:
  • Young dogs from 36 weeks of age, this is a perfect class for reinforcing calm behaviours early on!
  • Dog Guardians who want to improve their relationship with their dog.
  • Dogs who need independence and calming down skills.
  • Anyone who wants their dog to focus on them, not the environment.

This Class Is NOT Suited For:
  • Reactive or aggressive dogs who struggle around other dogs, people and busy environments (one on one consultations is recommended for any dog struggling with reactivity issues)
  • Severely anxious dogs (one on one consultations is recommended for any dog struggling with reactivity issues)

Your dog will learn:
  • Basic cues & everyday skills
  • Socialisation in a positive way with other dogs, people and sounds.
  • Sound training and desensitisation to avoid reactivity later on.
  • Appropriate, calm leash and greeting skillsFun tricks and games to keep your dog mentally stimulated
You will learn:
  • To understand how dogs experience the world around them
  • Different dog training techniques
  • To read your dog's body language & prevent problem behaviours in the future
  • Calming dog handling techniques
  • How to set both yourself and your dog up for a happy and successful life together
4 x 1h lessons weekly
Location: Merimbula
Date: Classes will be running from September 2022  
  • Bringing someone new home? Get ready with our Puppy Set Up Service!

    Availale via Zoom or we come to your home!

Puppy set up program

In Home / Virtual puppy set up program

Trail Sniffers one-on-one puppy training sessions are a great way to start training and socialising your puppy as soon as you bring them home. Our aim is to help set you and your puppy up for a happy and successful life together.
We want you to be the best doggie guardians you can be.

Session content:
  • How puppies learn and what affects their behaviours
  •  Positive reinforcement training
  • How to read your puppy’s body language
  • Nutrition
  • Grooming
  • General health care
  • How to manage unwanted behaviours (nipping, chewing and jumping)
  • Toilet training
  • Separations from puppy done successfully
  • Leash walking
  • Socialisation
  • Enrichment suited to your pups needs
  • Simple cues : sit, leave it, stay, come and focus 
Bringing home a new puppy can be overwhelming.
This session is aimed to be able to provide you with the skills and positive training techniques so that you can bring up a happy, confident, focused and socialised dog. We will help to show you how you can incorporate fun positive training opportunities as part of every day life
The secret to raising and training your puppy is to be:
  • Consistent in your training
  • To create positive associations 
  • Adaptable for when a challenging behaviour may present itself
Trail Sniffers recommends that you continue your training journey after this session. We offer follow up  sessions or suggest that you join one of our group classes. By continuing your training you will help to build on the foundations that were laid in the previous sessions. 

It is never too early to start training.
These sessions can take place as soon as you bring your puppy home.

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If you live more than 30km outside of Tura Beach than you will need to let us know when you book your consultation!

We offer qualified training and our prices need to reflect the time and travel we need to consider to offer our service outside of our 30km radius.

If you need a local on your side and live outside of our service area, please feel free to contact us below and we can give you some recommendations!

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