We are Trail Sniffers

Camille Hartnett is the Founder of Trail Sniffers!

With love and a huge admiration for animals and how resilient they are, Camille has dedicated her professional life to dogs and teaching others how to navigate, train and advocate for their dogs.

Camille's goal is to help educate and support dog guardians on how to raise a happy and healthy dog.

For this to happen we must first understand how to:

- Communicate with our dogs

- How to read and better understand our dogs body language

- Learn how we can meet their needs

- Learn and better understand the ethology and psychology behind dogs and their behaviour

Camille is extremely passionate about rehabilitating and rebuilding relationships with dogs who struggle with reactivity based behaviours.

Camille has completed the following qualifications:

Certified Family Dog Mediator (FDM). Completed the L.E.G.S.®

Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course with Kim Brophey.

Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Instructor Certification

The 22542VIC Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training

Cert III Dog Behaviour & Training - 2018

Vet Nursing Cert IV - 2016

Animal Studies Cert II - 2015

Captive Animal Management Cert IV - 2015

Meet Jeffrey Oliver - 2IC

This is Jeffrey. Camille's beautiful bouncy Bull Arab X.

Jeffrey had a tough start to life. He missed some very critical learning and socialisation periods when he was young. He is dog selective and struggles with fear based reactivity.

His behaviour is the reason that Camille left Vet Nursing and went on to study Dog Behaviour and Training so that she could learn to better understand and communicate with Jeffrey. As his guardian she felt is was crucial to advocate for his needs and learn how to best support him through his training journey.

Follow along to see updates of his training journey on Trail Sniffers instagram @trailsniffers

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