We are Trail Sniffers

Hello đź‘‹ I'm Camille, the owner of Trail Sniffers.

I am a qualified positive based dog trainer and vet nurse.

I have been working in the companion animal industry for over 6 years.

I'm extremely passionate about rehabilitating challenging dogs and I am focused on assisting you to achieve the best outcome for both you and your dog!

Meet Jeffrey Oliver

Training is a journey!

A long and contineous journey.

Its about progression and not perfection. 

I myself have been on the training journey and still am today, with my dog Jeffrey Oliver.

He missed some very important socialisation milestones when he was younger and struggles with his emotions and comfort level around other dog breeds.

We have come a long way from where we both started.

Jeffrey's fear based dog reactivity is what lead me down this career path.

As his guardian I felt it was vital that I could advocate for his needs and to make sure his world is full of love, happiness and adventures. 

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