About Trail Sniffers

Hello, I'm Camille the owner of Trail Sniffers. I am a certified positive based dog trainer and vet nurse. I have been working in the industry for over 6 years. I'm extremely passionate about rehabilitating challenging dog behaviours and I am focused on assisting you to achieve the best outcome for both you and your dog. Training is a journey. Its about progression and not perfection. 
I myself have been on the training journey and still am today, with my dog Jeffrey Oliver. He missed some very important socialisation milestones when he was younger and struggles with his emotions and comfort level around other dogs. We have come a long way from where we both started. Jeffrey's reactivity is what lead me down this career path. I wanted to be able to communicate and understand his needs;  As his owner I needed to be able to advocate for him and make sure he felt safe in this unfamiliar and ever changing world. 
Once qualifed I started Trail Sniffers. I did not want other owners to feel alone on their training journeys. 
Every dog is unique which makes every training session unique.
I understand that every dog is different and that they have specific needs. I will work with you to implement the most appropriate program for your dog's specific behaviours to ensure the best outcome for you both. I am commited to a training methodology that is science-based, force free, positive based and adhears to the LIMA( least intrusive, minimally aversive) behvaiour policy. 
My goal is for you to be the best owner you can be and that you can have the best relationship possible with your dog. 


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