A Paw-sitive Experience!

Working with you and your furry best friend to develop healthy habits and break challenging behaviour with your pets. We believe that effective training is a partnership that is formed between you and your dog.

It is built on the foundations of love, guidance, and trust. This bond is so fragile and important.
Trail Sniffers wishes to be a part of that process and to be able to help you and your dog work hard to strengthen it and help it grow.

Our Services
  • Reactive Dog Training

    Noticing some reactive habits or recently rescued a pup that is having diificulty settling due to noises or people or anything?

    We specalises in tailoring practical, force free and holistic solutions that address the cause of the behaviour problems as well as the symptoms. It’s never too late to start training- for you or your dog!

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  • Puppy Zone

    New family member?

    Check out all our puppy classes and puppy training here!

    Training programs from 8 - 36 weeks olds! We have Puppy set-ups consults, training, catch-up classes, zoom meetings + MORE!




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  • General Behavioural Training

    Ready to improve and enrich your dogs life?

    We offer a range of general behaviour training classes for your furry friend!

    From the inital consult, advice to regular training that will bring out the best in your dog and really help you connect and improve communication.

    No-one ever regrets getting training.

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What we use for positive training

Positive reinforcement is great for teaching your dog cues and it's also a good way of reinforcing good behaviour and building a great relationship!

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