• Reactive Dog Training

    Discover practical, force-free, and holistic solutions tailored to your dog's behavior needs. Whether dealing with reactivity or helping a recently rescued pup settle in, it's never too late to start training. With empathy and expertise, we'll guide you towards a happier, calmer, and more harmonious life together. Join us now for a transformational experience!

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  • General Behavioural Training

    Are you excited to see your dog's life flourish and thrive? Look no further! Trail Sniffers will specifically design a program to help support you and your dog through this journey.

    Right from the very first consultation, we'll offer expert advice and guidance to create a positive impact. With regular training, we'll help you and your dog connect on a deeper level and enhance communication like never before.

    So, let's embark on this rewarding journey together and set both you and your dog up for a happy and healthy life together.

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A Paw-sitive Experience!

Working with you and your furry best friend to develop healthy habits and break challenging behaviour with your pets. We believe that effective training is a partnership that is formed between you and your dog.

It is built on the foundations of love, guidance, and trust. This bond is so fragile and important.
Trail Sniffers wishes to be a part of that process and to be able to help you and your dog work hard to strengthen it and help it grow.

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What training principles and methods do Trail Sniffers use?

At Trail Sniffers, we are committed to following the LIMA approach, which stands for 'Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive.' Our training methods prioritize the well-being and comfort of your dog, ensuring that we do not use confrontational or forceful techniques.

We work with the dog that is infront of us. Each dog is unique, and we tailor our training approach to suit the individual dog in front of us. By focusing on positive reinforcement, we encourage and reward desirable behaviors, fostering a positive learning experience.

With our LIMA-based approach, we strive to create a training journey that empowers both you and your dog to feel good both on the inside and outside.

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